01. The leaders of the two major political parties will have a [debate] on television tonight.
02. It is [debatable] whether or not living together before marriage reduces the chance of divorce.
03. We held a [debate] in class about capital punishment today.
04. The government is [debating] the possibility of raising taxes on cigarettes once again.
05. My wife and I are [debating] selling our house now that the children have moved away.
06. His [debating] skills are excellent, so he wins every argument he has.
07. The five-hundred-year-long [debate] about the identity of the person in the painting "The Mona Lisa" has yet to be settled.
08. The company is [debating] whether or not to get out of the clothing business and concentrate on its shoe stores.
09. Joseph Joubert once stated that it is better to [debate] a question without settling it than to settle it without [debate].
10. My wife and I are [debating] whether we should buy a house or not.
11. The [debate] in Parliament today was particularly heated.
12. Adbusters Magazine once challenged a major producer of vodka to a public [debate] on the harmful effects of alcohol.
13. It is somewhat depressing to note that one of the biggest [debates] on campus last year was over which soft drink to carry in the university vending machines.
14. We [debated] the pros and cons of the idea for a few days, but ultimately decided to go for it.
15. The national emblem of Belarus has undergone a great deal of [debate] over the past few years and its design has been changed several times.
16. In 1955, the French delegation to the U.N. withdrew after the world organization voted to [debate] the situation in Algeria.
17. Spirited [debate] and competition are the essence of creativity.
18. A recent report noted that while the developed nations [debate] how to fuel their power plants, a quarter of the world's population have no access to electricity or gasoline.
19. The extent to which German citizens knew of the mass murder of Jews has been a much [debated] issue.
20. Amos Alcott once suggested that [debate] is masculine, conversation is feminine.

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